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I write a newsletter called MCB Notes describing the research and awards of students and faculty in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UConn.

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Extinct microbes sought from the Lost World

Gogarten dino

The scientists in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1912 novel, The Lost World nearly lost their lives discovering long-extinct animals on a remote South American plateau. A similar adventure being undertaken by Prof. Peter Gogarten should not be so dangerous, but is nonetheless just as exciting. Gogarten was recently awarded a $337,287 NASA grant to find extinct families of microorganisms that contributed genes to the ancestors of living microbes. His findings could lead to the discovery of living descendants of those donor microbes, echoing the discovery in Doyle’s story. (Click here for full story)

Original illustration from The Lost World (Right)

New diagnostic tool promises ultrasensitive detection

Lynes image

When doctors order lab tests to diagnose diseases, they want fast, reliable results using a small sample for patient comfort. This requires a highly sensitive device that processes many samples at once. A new technology being developed by Prof. Michael Lynes and his partner, Ciencia of East Hartford, promises to provide doctors with swift, sensitive detection of disease indicators in small clinical samples. (Click here for full story)

(Left) T cells bound to 4 sites on a GC-SPR sensor

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