The National Science Foundation’s Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI) program funded a project at UConn from 2012-2016 to create very small microfluidic devices that mimic the guts of termites to allow investigators to study how the microbes that live there communicate with one another. The project team also studied how microbes and the termite’s cells communicate with one another in living termites.

termitesTermite microbes

Reticulitermes flavipes termite                     Termite gut protists 

colony in the lab                                            in a microfluidic device

DSCN1109 copy

  Build a termite farm

DSCN2066 copy

                                   Hunt for termites

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Learn about microbes

inside termite guts


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Other project senior personnel:

Project consultant                                                     Outreach coordinator

Jared Leadbetter                                    Kenneth Noll

Professor of Environmental Microbiology                 Professor

California Institute of Technology                             UConn MCB


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