Scenes from the Milestones Dedication Ceremony

Unveiling1 Maloy speech2Choi speech3Cochrane speech3Dedication crowd3 Gov Statement1 copy Bolicks4 UCONN Milestones - Photo 24 - Jim and Barbara Poupard and Anne Dempsey and Plaque copy

Unveiling the Milestones plaque

(Left to Right; Top, Dr. Bruce Cochrane and Dr. James A. Poupard. Bottom, Dean Jeremy Teitelbaum, Provost Mun Choi, Former ASM President Stanley Maloy, Dr. Kenneth Noll.

Dedication ceremony speakers

Left, Provost Mun Choi

Right, Former ASM President Stanley Maloy

Right, Dr. Bruce Cochrane

Dedication ceremony audience

Reading of the Governor’s Statement and presentation of copies to Conn’s family

Left, (L to R) Mr. Allen Bolick, Mrs. Berta Jo Bolick (Great-granddaughter of H. J. Conn) and Sr. Noella Marcelino

Right, (L to R) Dr. James Poupard, Mrs. Barbara Poupard and Anne Dempsey, ASM

Dean CohanUCONN Milestones - Photo 10 - Sister Noella Marcellino Cheese Exhibit copy

Left, (L to R) Dean Jerermy Teitelbaum, (unidentified), Dr. Frederick Cohan

Right, Sister Noella and her display of Bethlehem cheese that she makes at the Abbey of Regina Laudis, Bethlehem, CT

Scope display

Display of H. W. Conn’s Seibert microscope generously donated by Conn’s granddaughters Bettina Greaves, Phyllida Walker, and Julia Conn, now on permanent display at the Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology

Twain Conn display

Display of H. W. Conn’s books and Mark Twain’s Three Thousand Years Among the Microbes, an unpublished story that mentioned Conn

Plaque at Dairy Bar

The ASM MIlestones in Microbiology plaque displayed at the UConn Dairy Bar which is located near the former site of H. W. Conn’s laboratory at the Storrs Agricultural Station

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