Here is the schedule of activities for Magnificent Microbes (2014)

July 21-25

Monday: Introduction to microbiology, collections 1, lab safety

Field work (1 hour)

Collect termites

Collect soil

Lab work

Set up termite colonies/farms

Bacillus heat treatment

Streak for molds

Tuesday: Food microbiology and kitchen sanitation (Emma and Shannon)

Cultivate lactic bacteria from yogurt

Molds on bread

Kitchen dishrag disinfection

Wednesday: Collections 2, introduction to microscopes, observations

Field work (1 hour)

Collect microscope slides from ponds

Collect pond water

Collect soil cyanobacteria

Collect clover, sweet fern, Russian olive, bayberry, alder nodules

Collect soil and mud peloscopes (from pond and outside TLS)

Microscope analyses


Pond water

Root nodules

Termite guts

Soil cyanobacteria


Observe Bacillus isolates

Thursday: Biochemistry of microbes

Raising bread

Microbes digest your food: Lactose intolerance experiments

Friday: Scavenger hunt at UConn Microbiology

Visit electron microscopy lab

Second floor microbiology lab visits

Fourth floor microbiology lab visits    

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